Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Calling All USA Mid East Coast Bloggers

Okay so I promised I would reveal my summer vacation plans today and I definately will but I am going to need some help from all of you USA Mid East Coast Bloggers.

But first to my workout. I still have not had time to run, crazy I know, its just been too busy, tomorrow for sure. I did a smiliar workout to one a few days ago. I did 10 reps x 4 for all with dumbells:

Squats, Plie Squat, Plie Squat w/t Lateral Raise, Walking Lunge, Staright Arm Pullbacks, Bent Over Row, Upright Row, Dumbell Curl, Alternating Dunbell Curl, Cross Chest Curl, Cross Bench Pullover, Flat Bench Press, Bench Dip, and situps was 20 reps x16. It felt great but I need to run!

So our trip will start by driving from here, Caledon, Ontario, Canada:
(It's that beautiful? My home is just down the street from this beautiful piece of nature.)
And we will end up at:
Walt Disney World in Florida. That is my beautiful daughter on her way to eat breakfast at the castle with the princesses on our last WDW trip last fall. But no that is not just our trip. Here is the schedule.....are you ready?
Ontario, Canada - Atlanta, Georgia
Staying in Atlanta for a few days for hubby to scuba dive at the Georgia Aquarium with the whale sharks and ofcourse my future Marine Biologist daughter is excited to spend a day at the aquarium also.
Atlanta, Georgia - Orlando, Florida
Rented a condo here for 10 days. We are spending lots of time at Disney World (My daughter and I love Disney) and we will also go to SeaWorld and Cape Canaveral and yes SHOPPING!
Orlando, Florida - Miami, Florida
Rented another condo for another 10 days right on the beach and guess what we will be doing......yes being a beach bum.....LOL....my favourite activity! Oh yes we will do some SHOPPING!
Miami, Florida - Daytona Beach, Florida
Spending a few days here being a ................BEACH BUM! LOL
Daytona Beach, Florida - Myrtle Beach, South Carolina
Rented a condo here for 4 days doing more of my favourite thing............yup being a BEACH BUM!
Myrtle Beach, South Carolina - Grove City, Pennsylvania
Here we will be doing my second favourite thing.....SHOPPING.....how can you go wrong with outlet shopping and no taxes....WOOHOO
Grove City, Pennsylvania - HOME
Back home again after a month of fun!
So now this is where I ask for your help. I need to hear recommendations for healthy eating along the way. I rented condos so that I could cook our food because I will get sick if we eat out all the time. So I would love to hear if there is any good stops (including food) heading down I-75. I do need a good breakfast place around Knoxville, TN. Also would love to hear all about Atlanta, Georgia.....there must be good seafood restaurants with a healtier flare there. Then I would love to hear about Daytona Beach, Florida, Myrtle Beach, SC.......will I be lucky to have bloggers from there! Then I would like to know if there is anything healthy going up I-77 and I-75.....anything through Virginia, West Virginia, Pennsylvania. So any help I would greatly appreciate.
This is our first big road trip and I am a bit nervous that I forgot something and how to manage a 7 year old that long in the car. Anyone have any tips for long road trip?


  1. I'm not a mid east coast blogger...but just had to say...your trip will be so fabulous;-)

  2. Wow, now that's a vacation! How fun. Sorry I can't help out with eats and such along the way. When we take long trips (nothing like that mind you) we listen to audio books. They really help pass the time. I am a horrible rider. I get car sick so I can't read or anything like that. Boring!

  3. WOW! I am not a road trip girl...as much as my husband wants me to be. I get really car sick..so unless I am asleep it always hits me full force. Have fun!

  4. That's some serious roadtripping! I can't give you advice about any of those places, but maybe google Trader Joes and see if there are any near those locations. Always a great place to stock up on good stuff, cheap. Good luck!

  5. Hey Lady! Do you know when you'll be in Atlanta? My parents live there and I'll be heading to see them soon. Can't wait to see where you're staying in Myrtle!

  6. What a great trip! Lucky you.

  7. I've never taken a long trip like this, but my little one wants to take a year-long journey! You'll have to give me some tips upon your return!

    Have a great time.