Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Last Day of Disney, Hollywood Beach & Finally A Workout

Hi all! I am going to update to today and hopefully stay up-to-date. Monday was our last full day in Orlando so spent the day at Magic Kingdom. The last day at Disney is always a bitter sweet day! We had breakfast at what is our favourite breakfast buffet at Disney, Crystal Palace. Marina loves it for the charaters, its the Winnie The Pooh gang here:

And hubby and I like the variety of food at the buffet. One thing they had this time that they didn't have before was cooked quinoa as a breakfast cereal:

It had apple chunks and raisin in it and I added the blueberries on top. I was soooooo excited to eat this when I saw it BUT OMG it tasted TERRIBLE. It was soooooo BITTER! I love cooked quinoa with veggies so I thought this would taste good but no it was terrible. Has anyone else made a breakfast type quinoa? I would love to hear your recipe, if its yummy! LOL
So after trying that I went back for some regular hot oatmeal:

So we spent the day at Magic Kingdom and did lots of rides. Here is myself and Marina on the Magic Carpet Ride:
We went home for dinner but we came back to Magic Kingdom for the evening to watch the Electrical Parade and the Night Fantastic Fireworks. Now that is how you do your last day at Disney :)
Tuesday morning we left for our 4 hour drive to Hollywood Beach, Florida. It is just north of Miami and south of Fort Lauderdale. We drove through a rain storm so that was no fun. We rented another condo in Hollywood Beach, right on the beach and its perfect. So Tuesday was just a drive day, get settled in day, and didn't do much of anything else since it rained all day and it rained good!
Now to today! I had gone to bed a bit worried about the weather but I awoke to the sun shinning and I looked out onto the beach and it was beautiful. We spent all morning at the beach, came up for lunch at about 2pm when I decided to check out their gym downstairs and I enjoyed a great workout....I am so excited. I did some weights.....unfortunately they did not have free weights just one of those do everything weight machine.....definately not my fave but I guess I can't complain! Funny I use to hate free weights and now I feel lost without them. I wanted to bring them on our trip but hubby thought I was crazy! I also ran 5K on the threadmill.....I would have run more but some lady thought the gym room was a daycare and brought all her kids in while she did the slowest walking ever. I was utterly annoyed! After my workout we headed back out to the beach.
My daughter was trying to get me wet, but I was already wet. LOL The ocean is beautiful here and we are definately enjoying it!
There I am now up-to-date.....hopefully it will stay like that!
I have to apologize to all the bloggers I frequent, I haven't had time to visit everyday or comment. When I get back home, all will get back to normal!


  1. You are rocking the bathing suit! Sounds like a great trip--glad the weather turned for you. Have a great trip back.

  2. I have not tried quinoa for breakfast yet. It's really been on my "to-try" list for ages. Looks like you guys are having way too much fun ;-) And I agree with misszippy - rockin' the bikini lady!

  3. Triple ditto. You'd never know that you've haven't been getting your workouts in - or are you doing secret training workouts? You look amazing!
    Enjoy the ocean as much as you can.