Friday, April 22, 2011

Good Friday Kids 1K Race Report

I have decided to write a separate post and race report for my daughters races. I think she does a fabulous job and she deserves a post just for her races.

For the Good Friday Road Race in Burlington, they had a Kids 1K at 9:00am (my 10 Miler was at 9:40am). We arrived at the race location about 20 minutes prior to her race and we went inside the school to stay warm and in there they had a bunny rabbit handing out mini chocolate eggs. Ofcourse my daughter wanted some so she had a chocolate fix right before her race....hey maybe that is why she ran so fast! Here she is looking super cute in her bunny hat:
Unfortunately we had to eventually head outside into the cold for her to start her race. Here she is styling her hat again!

They separated the age group behind the yellow tape. Ages up to 10 were ahead, then 7-9 and so on. Here she is at the front of the 7-9 age group just awaiting!

And there is the bunny that was handing out chocolate eggs. I guess he was making sure all the kids were high on chocolate right before their race! Doesn't Marina look thrilled?

The older kids had gone already and Marina's age group was just about to go. See what I said about every kid having #1? I personally don't like it. Just give all the kid their own individual numbers.
And they were off and check out my daughters style! Woohoo!

They pretty much went up the hill, turned around and came back down and here she comes.

Loving her style again!

She got some air!

Proud little runner with her medal:

She then went to grab her food bag which had way too much sugar for this mommy's liking but she ofcourse enjoyed that. Inside the bag was juice which is sugar and my daughter is a non-juice drinker unless its lemonade. There was also MORE chocolate eggs (sugar), lollipop (more sugar) and those fruit gummy things, can we all scream SUGAR! Now really! How about a piece of fruit or a bagel, something that will actually make their insides happy. Really disappointed with that!

Marina did AWESOME. She was one of the first in her age group and she passed a bunch of the older kids. I didn't look at the time when she crossed the finish line, this mommy's eyes were a bit wet with pride and joy and I just wanted to get to her to give her a big hug and kiss so I didn't see her time and they were not chipped or timed. But she did AMAZINGLY, we are so proud of her!

After she was done her race we headed back into the school to warm up before my race started. My daughter is the biggest animal lover you will ever meet and the number one animal on her list is dogs. I think she loves going to mommy's races because there are always so many dogs at them. She met this adorable puppy and had to stop and get some love.

Again I was so proud of my daughters run, she did great. I also felt the kids race was well organized. I did like the different age groups leaving a few seconds apart from each other. Their medal was very cute (it has a bunny on it) but like I have already said, it would be nice if they all had different bib numbers. Oh and their food bag was very about promoting healthy eating!

Tomorrow I will do my race report of my 10 Miler. Thanks for letting this proud mommy brag ;)


  1. well done mini-Bela, great running :-)
    And I agree with you about the kids goodie bag, a kiddie nutritional/fruit bar would have been better.

  2. Adorable...and great running style Marina! Congrats!! :)
    Being an Easter run and all, I guess I see why there was chocolate in the bag...but, I agree that they could have added at least one healthy thing.

  3. That's awesome. We were all set to run but LI got totally overwhelmed by the number of kids and bailed at the last minute.
    I know what you mean about Number 1. Even he, only 5, complained that everyone had the same number.